Welcome To Greenhouse Designs!

Whether gardening is a hobby or your chosen profession, we think you'll find what you are looking for and more with Greenhouse Designs. We are a company dedicated to bringing you hard to find information, some of it rather unorthodox and not widely known in the gardening community. We'll show you how to utilize 100% natural, organic methods for achieving the highest quality soil and the healthiest produce possible.

Founded in 2000 by Todd Franz, Greenhouse Designs is a company that specializes in the construction of geometrically shaped greenhouses. We also market a full spectrum, glacially ground rock powder and an all natural microbial inoculant to remineralize and revitalize your soil. Whether you would like to grow the healthiest looking house plants possible or healthful, nutritious, good tasting produce, we here at Greenhouse Designs believe that you must first start with healthy soil.

Our most popular greenhouse is revolutionary in its design and incorporates ancient technology along with modern innovations. Its geometric configuration, which is based on the exact angles and dimensions of The Great Pyramid at Giza, allows for geothermal heating and cooling, naturally inhibits mold and mildew growth (which enables one to grow 100% organically) and gives far greater food production per square foot than standard greenhouses.


Greenhouse Designs Pyramid


Greenhouse Designs offers many advantages over standard greenhouses:

  • The interior of the structure remains mold and mildew free!
  • Plant growth rate and production levels are greatly enhanced!
  • The design offers greatest structural integrity for severe climatic conditions!
  • Food storage time extended almost indefinitely!
  • Aesthetically pleasing to the eye!

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