The Pyramid Greenhouse

The benefits of an enclosed area for agriculture are obvious, i.e. protection from pests, high winds, torrential rains, freezing conditions, etc., but the Pyramid Greenhouse offers still more benefits that are little known to most people. For reasons that scientists cannot fully explain, the pyramidal shape lends itself perfectly to agriculture. Research shows that plants grown within that particular configuration, with the same angles and dimensions as The Great Pyramid at Giza, have a greatly increased growth rate, reaching production levels and sizes which are many times the norm. Experiments with a pyramid greenhouse during an electrical storm showed that the electromagnetic energy was so intense inside the structure that cucumbers were recorded to have grown several inches in one night. A gardener in Canada estimated that he could produce about 36 times as much food in a pyramid greenhouse than he could in a garden of the same land area.

Studies also show, and this should be of great interest to organic gardeners, that this geometric shape also inhibits the unwanted growth of yeasts, molds, mildew and harmful bacteria and consequently there is no need to control these conditions. This occurs to such an extent that mold does not grow on the interior of the structure. Incredibly, the decay of organic matter is so greatly inhibited that food can be stored almost indefinitely. For instance, Kamut wheat, an ancient variety that has become popular today, was retrieved from inside The Great Pyramid and was found to be viable after 4,500+ years. In one experiment an egg was cracked into a bowl and left exposed to the air inside a pyramid greenhouse. The egg soon became as hard as glass. Years later it showed absolutely no signs of putrefaction. The experimenter then reconstituted the egg in water, fried it up and ate it, stating that it was very delicious!

One can also regulate the growing temperature very efficiently with our octahedral shaped Diamond Greenhouse. The Diamond is actually a double pyramidal shape; two pyramids which are adjoined at their base, where one half is inverted and placed underground, with the other half protruding above ground. This configuration has been shown to have geothermal properties which will help regulate the growing temperature. Also, from an engineering standpoint, the pyramidal shape stands up extremely well against high winds. As you can see, the benefits of a pyramid shaped greenhouse are numerous.

Certain criteria need to be met however, in the construction of the pyramid greenhouse in order to attain these unbelievable qualities. As stated earlier, the correct angles and dimensions must be incorporated into the structure. Other requirements are that the base needs to be level and oriented to true north with minimal ferrous (magnetic) materials used in its construction. We have very detailed, easy to understand construction blueprints and a how-to video to assist you every step of the way enabling you to build your own greenhouse from the ground up.

Some people may find it difficult to accept such phenomena as real since there is no hard scientific explanation for the mechanism, but there is no denying the fact that international flights are warned not to fly in the vicinity of The Great Pyramid for fear of instrument failure. There definitely is a focus of energy of some kind and a clue may be found in the very word “pyramid” itself. The literal translation of the root words “pyre” (a fire) and “amid” (in the middle of), means “a fire in the middle of,” or “electromagnetism in the middle of.”

How the ancients knew of these electromagnetic energies and what they used them for may well remain a mystery forever, however many more clues remain for us to decipher, if one knows where to look for them...

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