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There are many theories that try to explain why such monuments as The Great Pyramid and Stonehenge were built. The facts presented below should offer proof that both structures were designed by the same architect and built for the same purpose, to corroborate historical events recorded in the Bible. And remember, those massive stones were being fitted into place about one thousand years before the events chronicled by their precise measurements had even been prophesied in the first books of The Old Testament.

It is Greenhouse Designs' contention that The Great Pyramid and Stonehenge were designed and built under Divine inspiration, displaying the Christian religion upon a scientific basis. Jesus is not only the central theme of The Bible, but He is also the central theme of both these ancient stone structures.

The information to follow should give the reader a better understanding as to the true source of the energetic phenomena associated with the pyramid shaped greenhouse.



The Great Pyramid is, internally and externally, geometrical in design. It is essentially a puzzle in every sense of the word, to be solved not by the Egyptologist but by the engineer. Merely exploring the structure will reveal nothing as regards to its true purpose. Knowledge of geometry and mathematics is essential to a correct understanding of its design.

The Great Pyramid monumentalizes the relationship of the circle to the square, for its outer angle of 51 degrees, 51 minutes and 14 seconds is the pi angle. The vertical height of the pyramid bears the same ratio to its square base, as the radius of a circle bears to its circumference. In other words, the vertical height is equal to the radius of a circle whose circumference is the same as the perimeter of the square base.

Inside The Great Pyramid are passageways that slope downward and upward into the interior chambers. It is interesting to note that the pyramid angle (base to apex) as well as the passage angles are the primary angles in a seven-pointed star. (Remember the seven-pointed star because it will be useful later when we decipher Stonehenge).

These passageways have been determined to be prophetic time-lines. A prophetic chronology can be demonstrated from the actual passage lengths; the lengths being proportionate to the respective ages they represent. So much of The Great Pyramid’s chronological prophecy has now been realized in history that the scale of one pyramid inch equals one year has been incontrovertibly proven among the international scientific community.

In establishing a prophetic chronology, it is necessary to have a starting point. Inside the descending passage, near the entrance on the north slope of the pyramid, are straight knife-edge scored lines cut from ceiling to floor. Their appearance on the perfectly smooth walls certainly suggests that they are intended as a clear zero line from which to take measurements.

The descending passage is also in exact alignment with true north. It has been ascertained that only in the 22nd century B.C. did the pole star shine directly down the descending passage. No other pole star in history has ever been in that exact position. It should also be pointed out that at the very same time the stellar cluster, The Pleiades or “Seven Sisters”, was in alignment with the scored lines. The date at which the pole star and the Pleiades were in those precise positions relative to the pyramid was the vernal equinox of the year 2141 B.C. This particular year is singled out, by the pyramid, as the year of reference in respect to chronological measurements. Thus, the pyramid’s entire prophetic chronograph is astronomically fixed.

Precise measurements by numerous authorities over the centuries have proven beyond a doubt that the passageways were indeed constructed to record the most significant events in mankind’s history. Located between a point where the floor level of the queen's chamber intersects with the floor of the ascending passage and the upper end of the ascending passage, a geometric triangle is formed. The north end of its base marks the date September 29, 2 B.C. and the apex marks the date April 3, A.D. 33.

It has recently been determined through archaeological evidence and astronomical events recorded in the Bible, that September 29, 2 B.C. was the actual birth date of Jesus Christ and April 3, A.D. 33 was the precise day of His crucifixion. The base length of 30.043 pyramid inches converted to years and projected on the slope of the ascending passage marks October 14, A.D. 29, the exact date of His baptism.

This angle of slope (26 degrees, 18 minutes and 9.7 seconds) is called the “Christ Angle”. If one were to plot this angle on a map it would give the exact bearing from The Great Pyramid to Bethlehem. Also, the distance from The Great Pyramid to Bethlehem, along the great circle arc, is 2,139 pyramid furlongs (1 pyramid furlong = 8,000 pyramid inches). If we start from the pyramid’s astronomically fixed datum year 2141 B.C. and apply the scale of a furlong to a year, we obtain not only the place where Jesus was born, Bethlehem, but also the year He was born, considering 2139 years after 2141 B.C. marks the date, 2 B.C.







What is Stonehenge and why was it built? Does Stonehenge have anything to do with The Great Pyramid? You will see in the information presented below that just as The Great Pyramid's passageways were determined to be prophetic time-lines with Jesus Christ being the central theme, Stonehenge is a chronometer which uses solar and lunar alignments to mark off the same dates in the life of Jesus that are chronicled in The Great Pyramid.

Each structure has several clues which not only prove both were built in correlation to each other, but also start to piece together the puzzle which has baffled mankind for centuries, if you understand the geometry.

At Stonehenge there are four station stones that were set in place to form a rectangle, which is perpendicular to the summer solstice sunrise. The rectangular placement of the station stones served as sun and moon alignments, the only location on earth where these alignments are perpendicular to each other. The diagonal between two of the stones is the exact bearing to the center of The Great Pyramid.

Stonehenge also fits precisely inside The Great Pyramid when both are drawn to scale.

Both structures also share the famous pi angle; 51 degrees, 51 minutes, 14.3 seconds. This is the angle of summer solstice sunrise to north at Stonehenge and the precise angle of each face of The Great Pyramid.

The number seven is a recurring theme in The Great Pyramid. As stated earlier, the Pyramid Angle itself (base to apex) as well as the passage angles are the primary angles in a seven-pointed star. Also, if you remember, the scored lines were in alignment with Pleiades or "Seven Sisters", a constellation made up of seven stars.

If one were to take a seven-pointed star and overlay it on a drawing of Stonehenge, dividing the Aubrey Circle into seven equal sections of one thousand years each, giving it a complete 360 degree circuit of seven thousand years, some very interesting things begin to take shape. The alignments of the sun and moon can be measured accurately as they intersect the Aubrey Circle, at points marking important dates in recorded biblical history.

Using the seven thousand year period that Bible chronologists have determined to be mankind's time on earth, with the summer solstice sunrise alignment serving as the beginning and ending of the circuit, the following results were obtained.

The architect of Stonehenge had monumentalized in stone, for all time and for all to see, the importance of the death of Jesus, the date of the event and its occurence on the afternoon of Passover (equinox) moonrise nearly 2,000 years before it happened!

Even more astounding is the placing of the pyramid angle into the summer solstice sunrise angle at Stonehenge with both structures drawn to scale. The exact date of Jesus' death as measured in the first ascending passageway of The Great Pyramid (April 3, A.D. 33), lines up precisely with the date of His death ascertained by the alignment of the Passover (equinox) moonrise at Stonehenge, even forming a 33 degree angle in the process!

The Bible states that the evidence from two witnesses shall establish a matter. We here at Greenhouse Designs hope that the information presented above has shed some light on a very complicated and misunderstood subject.




The incredible amount of knowledge the ancients would have needed in order to accomplish what they did simply staggers the imagination. Concerning the previous two chapters above where Greenhouse Designs points out that The Great Pyramid and Stonehenge were built by Divine inspiration, basically as prophesies in stone, there are many people that will still say it can all be explained as coincidence. Some will say both these structures were built with the help of space/time travelers with extraordinary technologies and information.

The facts presented below will hopefully give even the most skeptical of us something to seriously contemplate, because once a basic understanding of gematria is realized the whole universe opens up to astonishing mathematical enigmas that go well beyond the realm of statistical probability.It is Greenhouse Designs’ contention that the information to follow makes a very strong case for a Creator and the intelligent, purposeful design of the universe.

Gematria is the cryptographic significance of words, revealing their hidden meaning. It was employed by the Greeks and the Hebrews and is actually quite simple. The characters of both the Greek and Hebrew alphabets were given numerical equivalents; thus, any word, name or phrase had a corresponding number. (It should be noted that in gematria, zeroes at the end of a number and decimal points are disregarded.)

For instance, the number equivalent for Lord Jesus Christ is 3168:


Bethlehem, the place of Jesus’ birth, sits at 31.68 N latitude:

The perimeter of a square drawn around the earth, enclosing the earth within would be 31,680 miles:

A circle drawn around the earth and moon positioned tangent to each other would have a circumference of 31,680 miles:

If we were to place the earth and moon tangent to each other the exact proportions of The Great Pyramid can be constructed on their combined radii, showing the casing stone angle of 51 51’:

There are only two verses in the Bible that make reference to The Great Pyramid, Isaiah 19:19-20 which reads: “In that day there shall be an altar to Jehovah in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar to Jehovah at its border. And it shall be for a sign and a witness to Jehovah of hosts in the land of Egypt.” By assigning the number values to each Hebrew letter used in these two verses, we find their total value to be 5,449. The height of The Great Pyramid, from its socket level base to its summit platform, is 5,449 pyramid inches. If we were to divide this figure by the Egyptian Royal cubit, which was 1.72 feet we would get 3,168 (the number equivalent for Lord Jesus Christ).


The number 3168 is also found throughout Stonehenge.



If we draw a Pythagorean 3:4:5 Triangle on the polar and equatorial diameters of the earth, the long side of that triangle would be 3,168 miles:

The latitude of 31.68 N is located on our globe at just the right distance from the equator to produce a golden rectangle. The long side of that rectangle also bears the number of His name using the other spelling for Lord Jesus Christ in Greek:


The mean distance between the sun and the earth is 93 million miles. If we were to convert those 93 million miles to inches, and divide by the speed of light, the result would be 3168, which is the gematria for the name Lord Jesus Christ.

The Encyclopedia Britannica lists the mean distance that light travels from the sun to each of the nine planets in our solar system as follows (dropping all the zeroes):

The sum of these distances divided by pi equals 3168. In other words, if we added all these distances together and then constructed a giant circle with an equal circumference representing our entire Solar System, the diameter of that circle would be 3168 (Lord Jesus Christ).

We here at Greenhouse Designs believe the information presented above makes a very strong case for a Creator and the intelligent, purposeful design of the universe.

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