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For thousands of years nature has been using a substance that is absolutely essential for plant, animal and human health. As glaciers advance and recede across mountain ranges they grind up the rocks in their path to a dust as fine as talcum powder. This dust, glacial loess or "stone meal," which contains all of the mineral elements required by life is then deposited by wind and melt water to the valleys below. When mixed with the organic compost of the valley floor this silt provides every living thing with all of the elements needed for vibrant health. A good example of this process would be the sheer rock walls of Yosemite National Park in central California that were carved by ice sheets eons ago. Over the millennia, countless tons of stone meal have washed down into the San Joaquin Valley, which is still considered to be one of the world's most productive agricultural areas, even to this day.


It has been a long, long time since most of the continent was covered by rock crushing ice sheets. Consequently, our topsoil is much less fertile now than it was at the end of the last ice age when billions of tons of stone meal were being spread far and wide. The demineralized soils we now have are due to the natural effects of erosion and the leaching of minerals and trace elements deep into the subsoil, out of reach from most plants including our crops.This problem is compounded by the introduction of synthetic petrochemical pesticides and "fertilizers." Chemicals kill the micro?organisms in the soil, which are responsible for the transfer of minerals and trace elements to the root systems of plants. Chemically treated plants may look nice and green, but nutritionally speaking it will be an empty harvest. Even organically grown produce doesn't have nearly the mineral content it should.


Remineralization with stone meal causes a phenomenal growth of the microorganisms in the soil. A handful of this soil contains as many micro?organisms as there are people on the planet! Stone meal also enhances and speeds up the process of composting, increases the nutrient intake of plants, counters the effects of soil acidity, prevents soil erosion and repels insects as well. Plants become highly resistant to insects, disease, frost and drought.

The world's healthiest people, the Hunzas, live at the base of the Ultar Glacier in East Pakistan. Cancer is unknown among them along with virtually every other disease known to modern man. They regularly live well past 100 years of age in excellent health, with some reported living up to 140 years. It has been well documented for decades that their crops are watered by the milky gray melt water from the glacier and that they have been adding stone meal and compost to their fields for countless generations.

Stone meal, or gesteinsmehl as they call it, is being applied to forests and farmland in Europe with amazing success. Germany and Austria are putting an end to "Waldsterben," the massive die off of trees in the Black Forest and elsewhere, previously thought to be lost forever to the affects of acid rain, pollution and demineralization. The results of a long term experiment in Austria, released in 1986 showed that in a forest where pine seedlings were dusted with stone meal, after 24 years the wood volume was four times higher than in control areas.

Dr. C. S. Hansen has experimented extensively with stone meal in Utah. In one experiment he spread a bag of stone meal on the ground around an orange tree with mature fruit. The tree was full of heavy metals: zinc, lead, mercury and insecticides. Within four minutes of spreading the stone meal, every orange and leaf on that tree was free of the harmful effects of the heavy metals, DDT and other chemicals.

In another experiment, Georgia cattle ranchers mixed 5% stone meal into their animals' feed and found that after 112 days the dust fed animals had gained 28% more weight than those on the control diet, while at the same time consuming 21% less feed and all were in superior health.

In Michigan, a corn farmer spread stone meal on his fields. The following year his remineralized corn produced 65 bushels per acre compared with yields of fewer than 25 bushels from other local farms. His corn was found to contain a much higher mineral and trace element content than the same type of corn grown with chemical fertilizers nearby.


· Optimally nutritious, great tasting produce:
· Plants with approximately four times the growth rate and three times the yield:
· Dramatic decrease in the number of insects:
· Counteracts the effects of chemicals, which may be in your soil and/or water supply:
· Plants that are much more resistant to disease and extremes of weather:
· Speeds up the process of composting:
· Increases the nutrient intake of plants:
· Counters the effects of soil acidity:
· Helps prevent soil erosion:


1· 99% of all Americans are deficient in minerals and trace elements?!
· Today you'd have to eat about 75 bowls of commercially grown spinach in order to receive the same amount of iron found in one bowl back in 1948?!
· The protein content of wheat today is only 20% that of wheat grown before World War II and the use of chemical fertilizers?!


1. According to Senate Document No. 264, the official publication, 99% of all Americans are deficient in minerals and trace elements.

2. The body is equipped to process only a small amount of some inorganic elements from nature. Therefore, the body requires the minerals to come from plants in a colloidal form that the minerals may be properly assimilated and utilized.

3. Trace colloidal minerals are more important in nutrition than vitamins, which cannot function unless minerals are present.

4. Minerals must be present in our food for our sense of taste to function. This is why so many of our fruits and vegetables are tasteless and processed foods have artificial flavors and taste enhancers added.

5. Minerals and trace elements are the catalysts, which allow the body's biochemistry to function, a breakdown of which results in disease. Many nutritionists and physicians now agree that there is only one disease: malnutrition; that all other ills derive from it.



A broad spectrum of minerals and important trace elements:
For best results use with equal amount (by weight) of compost:


· Vegetable & Flower Gardens:
1 lb. per square foot; mix into top 3-5" of soil

· Potted Plants:
1 tbsp. per 2 cups potting soil; thereafter water with I tbsp. per quart, twice monthly

· Lawns:
10 lbs. per 100 square feet

· Fruit Trees:
Spread on ground 1/8" deep out to drip line of tree, cover with compost or mulch, water thoroughly

· Farms/Forests:
5-10 tons per acre


Available Phosphoric Acid (P2O5) .........0.3537%
Soluble Potash (K20)........................... 0.0057%
Calcium (Ca) ...........................................6.38%
Magnesium (Mg)...................................... 7.96%
Iron (Fe)................................................. 8.42%
Manganese (Mn) ...................................0.0968%
Sodium (Na)............................................ 2.34%

Source: Glacially Ground Rock

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